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Male bluebird feeding a female bluebird - photo courtesy of Dave Kinneer

The Michigan Bluebird Society is a group of individuals dedicated to helping bluebirds and other native cavity nesting bird species in the state of Michigan. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an affiliate of the North American Bluebird Society. 

Why There is a Need to Help Bluebirds and What You Can Do

Because of habitat loss, environmental pollution, and competition of non-native bird species (House Sparrows and European Starlings), bluebirds have suffered large declines compared to their original numbers. However, bluebirds have been shown to thrive in areas where there is human-provided housing that is actively monitored. As a result, through the efforts of many people, bluebirds have increased in numbers in the last 10 years.  Putting up a nest box is the easiest and most important thing you can do.  Not only are you helping bluebirds to populate, but watching a pair of adults build a nest, lay eggs, and feed their young is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things you will ever experience.  Just ask any bluebird landlord - you'll be hooked and changed forever!

The Michigan Bluebird Society is an affiliate of the North American Bluebird Society.

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Even though we usually get a good amount of rain this time of the year (this year not included!), birdbaths are an important source of water for Bluebirds and many other avian species.  This time of the year birds use water for three things:  drinking, bathing and just for cooling off.

As you all know hot, dry weather has become common in Michigan in recent years.  This makes it hard for birds to find enough water.  So, make it easy on them by putting out one or two birdbaths.  If you cannot afford to spend a lot on a birdbath, it can be something as simple as a shallow plastic dish on the ground or on your deck or patio.   If you want to purchase a birdbath, there are hundreds of styles ranging from something simple all the way up to an elaborate concrete pedestal birdbath with a bubbler or fountain.

 Whatever you use, make sure that there are shallow water areas (around an inch) for smaller birds.  If necessary, you can put some flat rocks in one area of the water, which the smaller birds will stand on to drink.  Also, rough textured surfaces and gradual sloped sides make it easier for birds to walk into the water.  The sound of water bubbling will also attract more birds and there are a variety of small fountains and bubblers available for birdbaths.  Many are even solar powered.

Finally, be sure to clean and refill birdbaths REGULARLY to ensure the water is safer for them to drink and that it doesn’t create a habitat for mosquitoes to breed.

Then sit back and enjoy watching your Bluebirds splash around in the water while they take a bath!


Please don't hesitate to contact MBS with any questions or problems you might have.  We are available to assist you in your bluebirding efforts.  To find a County Coordinator near you or for a general contact at the MBS, please go to Contact Us.

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To improve the nesting success of the Eastern Bluebird & other native cavity-nesting birds in the state of Michigan through education of our members and the general public, as well as promoting active nest box management and habitat improvement.

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 If you would like someone to do an interesting program on bluebirds for your group,contact MBS to schedule a day and time. We can do talks to nature groups, civic organizations, schools, gardenclubs, etc. in most areas of the state.  Go to our Contact Us page, and send a message to the  Coordinator for your county. If there is not one for your county, contact Kurt Hagemeister, MBS President.

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